Gyeonggi, the perfect place to make movies Since its launch in 2005, Gyeonggi Film Commission has actively been supporting the filming of diverse films, such as movies, dramas and music videos which has led to the rapid development of the Gyeonggi Film Commission. Based on the database we have accumulated over 12 years, we have been providing systematic administrative support based on our close cooperation with the 31 cities and counties, in order to provide better support for location shooting. Gyeonggi Film Commission will open up a wide range of new possibilities as 'the optimal location for filming, Gyeonggi-do' by developing numerous support programs to strengthen location services, such as the exploration site contest.




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7 reasons

Why you should shoot your dreams here in Gyeonggi

  • 1. Broad landsite

    Gyeonggi-do occupies about 10% of the land area of the Republic of Korea and is 17 times the area of Seoul. Due to the fact that there are 31 cities and counties, it has established itself as a mecca for filming locations because of its unique color and diverse atmosphere.

  • 2. Abundant infrastructure

    Ultra-high-tech film industry system / unsurpassed and pioneering film studios within Asia In addition, more than 90% of film-related companies, facilities, and manpower are concentrated in the metropolitan area of Gyeonggi, Seoul and Incheon, where more than 50% of the films produced in Korea are filmed. Heyri Art Valley in Paju-si, KOFIC Namyangju Studios, Art Service in Paju-si, Korean Folk Village in Yongin-si, etc., will help you reproduce the setting and theme that is central to your film. Gyeonggi-do is an infinite visual space that will allow you to embrace that perfect visual ] beauty that you require through various traditional, modern, natural and cultural spaces

  • 3. Prominent accessibility as ‘a major transportation point ’

    Based on the geographical environment of being situated close to the international airport and the international port, it is expected to be the outpost for promoting the globalization of the Korean film industry as a base for the exchange and trade of popular culture.

  • 4. Geographical advantages Ⅰ

    Rich cultural heritage and numerous natural environments Furthermore, Gyeonggi-do provides unique shooting location which are only accessible in Korea with its wondrous cultural heritage that has been in existence for thousands of years, such as Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon-si, Namhansanseong, Korean Folk Village and Icheon Ceramics Village.

  • 5. Geographical advantages Ⅱ

    unique shooting locations The M litary Demarcation Line runs 86km north and the coastline is located 413km west. You can acquire all types of filming cooperation that will allow you to access areas that are unavailable to the public, such as from the InterKorean Transit Office.

  • 6. Institutional advantages

    31 cities and counties that take the upmost pride in assisting the filming cultural industry Gyeonggi-do supports the smooth operation of shooting in diverse locations through the cooperation of 31 cities and counties.

  • 7. Four distinct seasons

    The annual average temperature of Gyeonggi-do is 11~13 degrees Celsius. Many people visit Gyeonggi-do to experience an array of full-blown flowers in mountains and fields during the spring, cool valleys and the spray of the seas during the summer, the warmth of colorful leaves found on vast mountains such as Bukhansan, Dobongsan, Yongmunsan and Cheonmasan during the fall, and the famous ski resorts and snow-capped mountains during the winter