Our project

Our project

Gyeonggi Film Commission Support programs

  1. Ⅰ. G-Cinema production support

    1. 1. Support for location shooting

      Attract domestic and international film shooting and location support Establish domestic and international film industry network

    2. 2. Incentive programs

    3. 3. Scenario contest

      Supports the planning and development of independent arts film

    4. 4. Production investement support

      Supports and promotes independent arts film productions

  2. Ⅱ. G-Cinema base expansion

    1. 1. Visiting cinemas

      Base expansion for film culture center. Engaging residents and movies

    2. 2. Support for the screening of first rate foreign language subtitles

      Expanding the base of the passion for Korean culture: Korean culture introduction for foreign residents in Korea

    3. 3. Various movie festivals

      Providing various cultural experiences via engaging Gyeonggi-do residents with movies

  3. Ⅲ. G-Cinema distribution support

    1. 1. G-Cinema distribution support

      Provides distribution planning through selecting and supporting the distribution of outstanding domestic independent films

    2. 2. G-Cinema

      Operates public entertainment hall with cultural diversity

    3. 3. Gyeonggi Independent Film Festival

      Holds Gyeonggi Independent Film Festival, in order to expand the basis for audiences’ contact points with independent films

    4. 4. G-Supporters

      Strengthens G-Cinema business promotions by selecting G-supporters